ear Santa,


I have been a good sapling this year.

This Christmas, I wish to be brought to a happy home, and to be all dressed up for the occasion. I wish to listen to carols and laughter, and to be watered by caring families. In return I will protect their presents under my shade.

Aafter all the presents have been opened, I wish to come back to nature.

I wish to grow to be the happy home of birds and squirrels, and the shade over trails and picnics. I wish to clean the air for bees and bugs,

I wish to bring up water to the clouds, and I promise to capture as much Carbon as I can while I continue to grow.

I wish to make people happy as I shade them and their kids under my branches for years to come.

I wish to share Life!

Written by Loreal
Hola, gracias por esta idea.Balsam fir is a small to medium-size evergreen tree typically 14–20 metres (46–66 ft) tall, rarely to 27 metres