19 Mar


aplingLife is a non-for-profit or for-purpose organization dedicated to reforestation. We offer a simple and effective way to mitigate carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, and we do so by linking our traditions and habits with sequestering efforts.

We are the only beneficiaries of burning fossil fuels to carry on our lives, but the time has come to alleviate some of the stress we put on our environment and ecosystems. There is a misconception that environmental efforts are cost prohibitive, and futile. SaplingLife is here to prove that not only are environmental consciousness a necessity, but also within our means.

“You have to Love it before you are moved to help it.”

Sylvia Earle, Former Chief Scientist of the U.S. NOAA

t SaplingLife we love the environment and strive to protect and improve for present generations and those to follow. We strive to hand over the planet to future generations in a better shape than how we found it. Join us on this mission to restore our planet one tree at a time.


Written by Marcelo Lorenzo