Carbon Footprint

CO2 Neutrality

On average, we need 15 trees per person each year to offset CO2 equivalent emission in Canada. How do we get to this? First lets start by taking a look at the figures.



According to the Canadian Government green house emissions in the country during 2014 were 732 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Now, considering that the population was just under 35MM, the CO2e emitted per individual was 20 metric tons per year.


A typical pine tree can normally trap or sequester 50 lb of CO2 per year, this means that over a 60 year period a single tree can sequester 3000 lb of CO2.

CO2 Capture

What Can We Conclude?

To offset the CO2e emitted by the average canadian, we each need to plant 15 trees every year. This number of course assumes we continue living our lives "business as usual", however if we adjust our lifestyles to be more conscientious of our CO2 footprint, the number of trees needed to eliminate CO2 emissions would drastically reduce.

15 Trees