oon we will be rolling out this year’s Christmas trees. Here are some of the questions we get regarding tree-care.

Where do I put my Tree?

Trees are very susceptible to temperature, so it is important to choose a location with the least amount of heat possible. We recommend setting your thermostat to about 20 degrees to make it comfortable for the tree and reduce your heating bill.


Do I have to water my tree?

Trees need water, especially indoors since they evaporate so much water due to indoor temperatures. For protection, we will provide you with a pot and a tray to hold any excess water.


How often do I have to water it?

Ideally please water you tree every other day by adding 15 – 18 ice cubes to the pot (rather than water). We will provide an overflow tray to catch any extra water. If the drip ray fills, please remove the water from it, and reduce the amount of ice you use to water your tree, but continue watering every other day. Ice will help keep your tree strong and healthy throughout the Christmas season.


Christmas Spirit?

We encourage you to decorate your tree and get creative. Since we will have prizes for the top three decorated trees. Please use only LED lights since they don’t get as hot. They also use less energy so your electric bill will be lower – Win/Win.



Our trees are trimmed and maintained by experts, and we ask that you do not trim your tree and use only ice to feed it. This will ensure your tree’s health and a chance at a long life in years to come.


Welcoming the New Year!

When the New Year arrives, please remove all lights and decorations from your tree prior to pick-up. We will take your tree and look after it until the next season or plant it in the spring – depending on your rental choice!



Written by Marcelo Lorenzo