The Toronto Star

We have great news! SaplingLife has been featured in an article in The Toronto Star written by…

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Caring for My Tree

They’ll be comin round the mountain…

Iwas glad to walk in a store a couple of days ago and find this toy train welcoming customers….

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It is always important to keep our goals in sight to remind ourselves the reason we wake up in…

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Exciting Times

These are really exciting times and we are please to announce our expansion. SaplingLife will be expanding to Washington…

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SaplingLife – Home

At  SaplingLife we believe home is a place of opportunity. Our dream is to hand the…

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Tree wish list.

Dear Santa,


I have been a good sapling this year.

This Christmas, I wish to be brought to a…

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To Shade or not to Shade

Sometimes we can look to financial geniuses for environmental support. Whether or not Warren Buffet expected his quote to…

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SaplingLife is a non-for-profit or for-purpose organization dedicated to reforestation. We offer a simple and effective way to mitigate…

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